Dr James Mortensen

Lecturer and HDR Program Coordinator, ANU National Security College

Dr James Mortensen is a distinguished academic with a diverse background in the fields of national security, technology, and political ethics. Currently serving as a Lecturer and HDR Program Coordinator at NSC, he contributes significantly to the academic community through three main research streams. With a focus on the history and philosophy of political security, Dr Mortensen delves into the intricate dynamics of political systems and their implications for national safety. 

Additionally, he explores the intersection of technology and social control, examining how advancements in technology influence and shape societal structures. Furthermore, his expertise extends to the security implications of climate change on Eastern Australia, showcasing a holistic approach to contemporary security challenges. 

Dr Mortensen’s publications include work on the history of Australian national security, climate security, and conspiracy theories and policy response. 

Before joining NSC, Dr Mortensen held the position of Research Fellow at the Australian National University’s Cyber Institute, where he furthered his research in the realm of technology and its impact on security. His academic journey includes earning a PhD. from the National Security College, and he previously achieved First Class Honours in Religious Studies from the University of Newcastle, Australia.