Beth Sanner

Senior fellow at Harvard University Belfer Center & former Deputy Director for National Intelligence

Beth Sanner was the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration from April 2019 to March 2021 where she oversaw the elements that coordinate and lead collection, analysis, and program oversight throughout the Intelligence Community. In this role she also served as the President’s intelligence briefer. Previously Ms. Sanner was the Director of the President’s Daily Brief and Vice Chair of the National Intelligence Council.

Ms. Sanner continues to pursue her passion of informing both business and government leaders and everyday Americans about foreign affairs through speaking engagements, editorials, and as a CNN national security contributor. Ms. Sanner is the Director for Geopolitics and Strategy at International Capital Strategies, a resident distinguished fellow at the German Marshall Fund, a non-resident senior fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center, and a senior fellow at the U.S. Chamber Foundation.

For 35 years, Ms. Sanner served in a wide range of leadership, staff, policy, and analytic positions in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council, and the U.S. Department of State. She was a senior executive in CIA’s Directorate of Analysis, leading the analytic effort on South Asia and serving as the deputy for analysis for Russian and European affairs. She held analytic leadership roles for the Balkans, Central Europe, and Southeast Asia. Ms. Sanner also ran the CIA’s training program for new analysts.

Ms. Sanner is the recipient of the Presidential Rank Award, Director of National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal and two Superior Service Medals, the DCIA Director’s Award, the NSA Director’s Award, and the NGA Director’s Award. Ms. Sanner is a Distinguished Graduate of the National War College, earning a Master of Science in National Security Strategy. She has a B.A. in Economics and International Affairs from The American University.