Professor Alessio Patalano

Professor of War and Strategy in East Asia, King's College London

Alessio Patalano is Professor of War & Strategy in East Asia at King’s College London. He is the Co-Director of the Centre for Grand Strategy, where he leads the newly established Indo-Pacific Programme. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a visiting professor at the Japan Maritime Command and Staff College, a visiting fellow at the Royal Navy Centre for Strategic Studies and non-resident fellow at the Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Centre. 

In 2022, Professor Patalano became the first specialist advisor on the Indo-Pacific to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the UK Parliament. In 2023, he also became the first academic to be awarded a Commendation of the Ambassador of Japan to the UK for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of UK-Japan ties in defence and security. 

Professor Patalano's latest book is an edited volume titled The New Age of Naval Power in the Indo-Pacific (Georgetown UP, 2023); he is an active media commentator. He collaborates on international documentaries, and is also regularly involved in military education, developing and delivering programmes on East Asian affairs and maritime issues.